Coastal Bend Day of Giving is a HUGE giving event that will be on Tuesday November 9th this year. It is hosted by the Coastal Bend Community Foundation and KIII-TV 3. Karen Selim, President and CEO of the Coastal Bend Community Foundation, has enlisted 27 "Matching Funders" from the South Texas community to contribute approximately 1.2 million dollars for matching funds. This year there will be $21,800 matching funds per charity for the 55 selected charities.

You can go today to and learn all about this incredible day; and if you are new, you can read about and become familiar with each charity that was selected.

All transactions must be online. If you will be out of pocket on November 9th, you can go to their website beginning November 1st and donate early just as you can vote early in political elections. It will all end just before midnight on November 9th.

Your gift can be made with a credit or debit card or an eCheck, and the minimum gift is $10. That $10 will become $20; or $1,000 will become $2,000! If you do not have a computer or smart phone, or if you have questions, you can call Alfred at our office at (361) 765-0297, and he will answer your questions or enter your gift for you for any charity. You can also reach him at Be sure to share the date with your friends on social media.

There is one change this year. If you intend to pay by check, the new instructions are to send or walk in your check no later than November 8, and it should be made out to Coastal Bend Community Foundation, and they will enter it for you. I'm not sure of the reason for the change, but if you have questions, you can call the Coastal Bend Community Foundation at 361-882-9745 or mail your gift to:

Coastal Bend Community Foundation
555 N. Carancahua #900
Corpus Christi, TX 78401

You can ask your club, school, or house of worship to announce it in their next mailout.

We are putting up a link on our web site now at If you are used to donating to us online, you will still use the "Donate" button through October 31. Then the "Day of Giving" button will be activated for donations from November 1st to Midnight on November 12th. Anything you give before November 1st by pressing the Donate button we always have will not be doubled as that is for regular donors, not folks giving for the "Day of Giving". As they add more charities each year, we oldies work a little harder, and this is our only fundraiser for the year. It is a wonderful day, and we pray that every charity makes their match. We use the funds raised here to help us through the first quarter of 2022.

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