We have moved into our new campus at 902 Nueces Bay Blvd.

In 1953, Good Samaritan Rescue Mission began as a little house church on Upper Broadway in Corpus Christi with only eight beds and a soup kitchen. That was the birth of a ministry that God intended to use to help literally hundreds of thousands of homeless men and women to find the Lord and to find themselves again. Now, as we celebrate 69 years of continual ministry and service to the homeless, we have grown to 208 beds and our little soup kitchen has served over two million meals.

For people who are homeless, the bottom has dropped out of their world, and they are left with just memories of better days. Many suffer with depression, confusion, bitterness, and fear for their future. Good Sam exists for so much more than food and shelter. We want to help them get their life back ~ or begin a new one with a fresh start. We want to help them become independent and stable ~ and REMAIN stable, which takes far more effort than running them through on a conveyor belt of various programs.

Will you help us today to give a fresh start to a discouraged, homeless person?

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